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SPACE by CODA integrates high-end immersive audio, ambient lighting and advanced acoustical treatment within a 4K projector screen or the artwork of your choice. An elegant, unified system solution to transform any space with discreet yet powerful audio.

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Redefining How
Audio Looks

This is what innovation looks like.

SPACE by CODA is a revolutionary new way to incorporate stunning sound in ways that were previously impossible, through innovative modules cleverly positioned within art and projection screens. At just 70mm deep, ultra-flat modules deliver crystal clear audio with performance equalling, or even surpassing that of conventionally-designed loudspeakers.

Transform spaces to feature discreet and invisible audio, enabling full-range sound in even the most challenging environments. No more ugly black boxes.

Concert Grade Audio

Anywhere You Like

Hear the entire sonic spectrum, with clarity and unbelievable power. Our innovative driver technology means power and faithful audio reproduction previously unattainable in such compact spaces.

Unique ‘instafit’ magnetic waveguides native to the SPACE audio modules facilitate production of directable sound with capability for immersive audio – all from within the panel.

At just 70mm deep, you can deliver mind-blowing audio in places never before possible.

Project onto SPACE

Unlimited Visual Potential

The Space Screen provides a state of the art 4K projection surface. Display a wide range of visual content, while keeping the sound technology hidden. Audio is to be heard, and not seen.

A New Canvas For The Creative Mind

Audio-Enabled Art

Display artwork, photographs, and more, made to measure. SPACE Art can be arranged in any preferred ratio, size, or custom orientation to create borderless visuals which keep the speakers hidden.

The SPACE Art variant panels can be supplied with high-resolution digital canvas prints instead of projection fabric, overlaying the same revolutionary loudspeaker technologies integrated in SPACE.

Modular and Flexible

Made to Measure

Space consists of a variety of modules for you to build your system to your exact requirements. Space Panels vary in size within a fixed format, whereas Space Art is available in a totally customisable format.

Made perfectly to measure using three sizes of loudspeaker modules and optional directional waveguides.

Sound diffusers and acoustic treatments can be interleaved between loudspeaker modules for better control over sound in the room.