Design Guide - External Products

SPACE Art series

All the frame components are also available as individual Art elements, complete with singular frames and image-printed canvas for standalone uses outside of the frame configurations. Art products can be mounted on walls, ceilings, floor stands or flown to be used as acoustic treatments, hidden speakers or as satellites in multichannel surround and immersive sound systems. These frames have three standard configurations that match the M Modules size but are also customizable, as Art by its very nature, is not a given format. The designer and user can decide on the elements that are required within the frame, whether loudspeaker, diffuser, absorber or a mixture (depending on size).

M1 Art - Space by CODA

M1 Art

M2 Art - Space by CODA

M2 Art

M4 Art - Space by CODA

M4 Art

AB1 Art - Space by CODA

AB1 Art

AB2 Art - Space by CODA

AB2 Art

AB4 Art - Space by CODA

AB4 Art

D1 Art - Space by CODA

D1 Art