Design Guide - Module Details

M Series

The loudspeaker modules (M) are the driving force behind SPACE, all offering the same driver designs in different quantities to best suit an array of room sizes and applications. Each module features a 1.75” annular diaphragm neodymium HF driver with an adaptable dispersion, user-selectable horn; the M1 then features a 10” double suspension, passive-radiating LF driver and a 6.5” neodymium ring-radiating MF driver. the M2 & M4 two pairs of LF/MF and four pairs of LF/MF respectively.

M1 Module - Space by CODA

M1 Module

The M1 is a 598 x 598 x 70mm three-way loudspeaker, capable of 121dB SPL@1m, making it ideal for smaller frame configurations or for use as ‘height’ speakers in multichannel applications.

M1 exploded
M2 module - Space by CODA

M2 Module

Doubling the M1 in size, the M2 features an additional pair of LF/MF drivers to provide more low-end representation and overall volume increase, up to a maximum of 127dB SPL@1m. Like with the M1, the M2’s feature rotatable MF/HF units and, in the M2’s case, different formations within a frame to perform vertical or horizontal beam steering.

M2 exploded
M4 Module - Space by CODA

M4 Module

The largest deployable loudspeaker module in the range is the M4, featuring 4 LF and 4 MF drivers. Directivity is achievable by delaying the two MF drivers on the right using the switchable passive crossover, steering the beam right.

M4 exploded

AB Series

AB1 panel

AB2 Module - Space by CODA

AB2 panel

AB4 module - Space by CODA


SPACE Absorber Panels (AB) are ideal building blocks between loudspeaker modules within a frame. Made with sturdy birch plywood and Rockwool, a flow resistivity of 16kPas/m2 is achieved, ideal for absorbing sonic vibrations emanating within the frame and for reducing the build-up of axial room modes. The AB1, AB2 and AB4 share the same dimensions as their M1, M2 and M4 counterparts.

Flush-mounting Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) chart:

D Series

D1 module - Space by CODA

D1 Panel

4 x D1 (QRD)

The Diffusor (D1) panel is ideal for controlling and breaking up reflections and room modes. If a space already has an absorbent or generally pleasant acoustic quality, deploying additional AB panels may deaden the room to the point of the space sounding unnaturally dry. D1s are perfect for maintaining sound energy within the room with central scatter and diffuse frequencies of 1053 Hz and 2107 Hz.

Four D1s can be connected to create a quadratic diffuser (QRD).

LED Strip

CODA offers full LED surround lighting options around the SCREEN that clip into a dedicated groove on the rear side of the frame:

  • 2700k fixed warm white, fed by 2-pole Phoenix connector
  • RGB/DMX for colour and control options, fed by 5-pole Phoenix

The supplied PSU can light up to 21 metres (35 module lengths) of LED, with larger deployments powered on both ends of the screen to mitigate voltage drop.