Sub Bass

Perfectly matched to work with SPACE panels. Our elegant sub bass units bring further depth to your space.

SPACE SCX Pedestal

Art and sound pedestal. Display your artwork and fill your space with powerful, concert-level bass.


A pedestal is ideal for showcasing art, sculpture, or a vase at eye level for optimal viewing. Greeks built pedestals to support statues of their gods, and the Romans to display busts of their emperors.


We at SPACE by CODA created the SCX Pedestal not only to display art, but also to blow listeners away with stunningly powerful bass sound. All without interfering with the room’s design.


What you hear – concert-level, extended low frequency, tight and accurate bass

What you see – outstanding fine art on a display pedestal

What you don’t see – 18” neodymium ultra-low distortion woofer with extremely long excursion, and an integrated velocity sensor to measure, compare and control the cone movements.