Design Guide – Amplification

Design Guide – Amplification SPACE Panels are designed to work integrally with the LINUS8 DSP amplifiers. The platform provides intelligent processing, amplification, monitoring and factory presets that utilize advanced proprietary DS-FIR and IIR filtering techniques to obtain maximum performance from CODA Audio loudspeaker systems. LINUS8 can provide 8 channels of amplification to either SPACE Panels […]

Design Guide – Mounting

Design Guide – Mounting SPACE modules connect to each other using the SPACE Module to Module (SMM) plates, affixing between four module corners with M6 screws on the front-side of the screen. The frame trails and corners for mounting the canvas connect to the modules using SPACE Module to Frame (SMF) plates, and lock together […]

Design Guide – Changing Directivity

Design Guide – Changing Directivity Previous Next A choice of six interchangeable HF Instafit Magnetic Waveguides is available for all SPACE Modules, easily swappable and held firmly in place with magnetic grips. Combining this technology with the rotatable MF sections in each module ensures diverse steering options in both horizontal and vertical planes to achieve […]

Design Guide – Specifying performance

Design Guide – Specifying Performance Speaker Module Loudness Comparison Sub bass Subwoofer modules are available to extend the low frequency response of the SPACE Modules. Although the M1, M2 and M4s all cover the audible spectrum down to 45Hz, an optional subwoofer can open the doors to full LFE and performance audio specifications. This is […]

Design Guide – External products

Design Guide – External Products SPACE Art series All the frame components are also available as individual Art elements, complete with singular frames and image-printed canvas for standalone uses outside of the frame configurations. Art products can be mounted on walls, ceilings, floor stands or flown to be used as acoustic treatments, hidden speakers or […]

Design Guide – Module details

Design Guide – Module Details M Series The loudspeaker modules (M) are the driving force behind SPACE, all offering the same driver designs in different quantities to best suit an array of room sizes and applications. Each module features a 1.75” annular diaphragm neodymium HF driver with an adaptable dispersion, user-selectable horn; the M1 then […]

Design Guide – Specifying artwork

Design Guide – Specifying Artwork To avoid image distortions on SPACE Art panels we recommend the images provided for print match the same ratio as the desired panel (or multiple framed panel) size. We cannot guarantee the highest possible quality print unless the provided file meets requirements; whilst downscaling is possible, upscaling is advised against. […]

Design Guide – Choosing Frame Sizes

Design Guide – Choosing Frame Sizes The frame surrounds the panel allowing you to mount a projection surface or artwork over the panel. Understanding the screen material SCREEN canvas is made from a remarkably fine-woven polyester/spandex mix, and at just 0.3mm thick provides an acoustically transparent projection surface for sound to pass through from behind. […]

Design Guide – Panel Modules

M1 element waveguide left - Space by CODA

Design Guide – Panel Modules Invisible ultra-flat immersive loudspeaker modules (M) behind the SPACE SCREEN. M1 600 x 600 x 70mm – up to 10m distance M2 1200 x 600 x 70mm / Double size, Double SPL (+6dB) – up to 18m distance M4 1200 x 1200 x 70mm / 4 x Size, 4 x […]

Design Guide – Overview

Design Guide – Overview Overview SPACE SCREEN is a high resolution, borderless and acoustically transparent 4K projection screen with integrated ultra-flat immersive loudspeakers, acoustic absorbers and indirect LED lighting. All this is incorporated into a 2.75” (70mm) deep, extremely solid frame that can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or stood freely on the floor. The […]